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The feeling of getting back…

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I can smell the theplas and the dhoklas. I could imagine myself enjoying the paan at a local paanwala and talking about cricket matches and local politics. I can hear the humming sound of mosquitoes at night. My eyes can feel the burning sensation due to unprecedented level of pollution. I feel the zing of meeting friends and family. If you haven’t guessed it yet, this excitement is all about my visit to India this November. The sheer feeling of landing on crowded streets of my hometown, Vadodara, gets me goose bumps. It’s been long 3 years since I visited India. Only after I bought the tickets I was able to convince myself that I am truly going to be there… yes finally.

My mom has already started thinking about what I will be feed 4 times a day during my 1 month trip. By now all my relatives and friends must have received this info as my mom like to share her happiness. I am just trying to imagine what my visit is going to be like, what all will I do during my 34 days visit. Will I meet friends? Have dinner at relatives place? Go to our religious temple in Rajasthan? Visit Goa with my best buddies and try to mimic Dil Chahta Hai? Shopping? Eating home made food for 1 long month? Holly cow… I cannot comprehend what all I want to do in this short 1 month span. I am all excited and charged up to be there after a long time. At the same time I am worried too that my friends and family are going to be little stunned when they see my recently developed “family pack” abs, sorry flab(s). But one thing is for sure, whatever others say the first thing that my mom will say is “Jimy tu thodo sukai gayo chey” which means I have lost some weight. I don’t know why moms are like this, but the fact is that this is how moms are and they are the best in this world.

Last time when I visited India the first thing that I did was drove my car and went for dad-hunting. This was because I gave a surprise visit and only mom was in the house. So I had to go to the local brokerage firm and see the reaction on my dad’s face where he was happily trading stocks. That was fun. But this time I have decided not to make it to too dramatic by giving a surprise. This time everything is planned.

Other thing which I want to do is to travel in the train. Possibly I will take train to Mumbai when I go for the visa stamping. I want to enjoy the pakoras and the chana-dal at train station. Relish the pleasing sound of stone-music created by orphans in the train to get some money. Meet with some of my school and college friends whom I haven’t meet since 4 years. I am trying to imagine how much the town would have developed. When I last visited there were no malls in my town, but by now I have heard that there are at least 5 big malls developed. People shop at super markets instead of local area shops, small kids which were not able to walk properly will be riding bicycles and going to school now.

Hmm…. I think I am getting over excited about my trip. It’s hard to put into words, but I am truly super excited. It does not matter whether I stay in US or Europe, the sheer thought of going to India gets me animated. This makes me believe that irrespective of how many years I spend outside my country, the feeling of motherland is so pleasing. I am so glad that I made the decision to make this trip keeping aside the worldly duties.

Thepla, dhokla, pav-bhaji, dosa, samosa, paan, mosquitoes, pollution, friends and family……..here I come…

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-Jimy Shah

Live 2 Eat, don’t Eat 2 Live!


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  1. Very nice !! Good to read your experiences and mix of emotions 🙂
    I am planning a trip too but still not getting the feel of it yet since I have not bought the tickets.. or maybe because I am too busy too think about it at ease and leisure..

    Comment by Sandeep — 09/12/2009 @ 3:40 am | Reply

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