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Witness it yourself by rising early

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Out of few things which I remember about my primary school days is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin reiterated by my teacher “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise“. During those days as all other advices, I ignored this one too. Since then till today I have always remembered but never implemented it into my life. But something strange happened last week. To work with international officemates I was supposed to be in office by 6:00 am. This looked like a daunting task to me. In order to be at work by 6, I have to start my day at 5. Goshhhh…. that was painful. I could not sleep before midnight and still had to wake up at 5. I woke up very frustrated each morning, but once I sat in front of my computer and started working, something magical happened.

I realized that everything was so calm and pleasant. From the office glass wall I could see something very beautiful; I was able to see the transition phase of sunrise. By the time it was 8:30, when people started coming in, I realized that I had accomplished almost 50% of my work in 30% of my work hours. That was fantastic. My rest of the work day went very smoothly because I was already ahead in my tasks. No pressure, no panic. But the pain was again experienced next morning when I had to again wake up at 5. Next day also at work I felt the same, very satisfied and productive. The week ended soon before I could realize something substantial. Today when I try to recall what I did last week, starting my day early comes to my mind as the most prominent thing. I am tempted to repeat a modified version of this again. Modified because I know without *solid* reason I can never wake up at 5. May be 6:00 am? I just need to make my small little brain understand how wonderful the feeling of starting the day early is. All I need to take care of is those few minutes where I subconsciously decide “Why should I wake up so early? Let me sleep for 1 more hour”.

Things are changing and I am trying to shift my day schedule a little early. That very feeling of empty roads to travel, wonderful morning view from office and loads of work accomplished before the “actual” start of my day is pulling me towards it. On the flip side there are many forces against this which might make this just a dream rather than a reality.

I still remember Sumit, my roommate in Grad school, used to wish us good morning when we used to wish him good night at 4-5 am on most morning. I was not able to understand why someone could wake up so early, may be because I had never experienced it before in my life. But now when I have witnessed it few times myself, I completely agree that it is a very wise thing to do on any given day. If you have a choice, one should always go with early rising rather than late sleeping. I know some of my nocturnal friends (including myself few days back…) might not agree but this is my interpretation of last week’s experience. One has to witness it in order to believe it. I know how easy it seems to tell all these, but it is far more difficult to implement it. I am truly aware about this fact. That is the reason why I am writing this blog so that if I digress from my new decision, of rising early, I can get back to this blog and realize the commitment that I made in “public”. I don’t want this decision to be like all other New Year resolutions which never go beyond a week or two.

I also found a very interesting article on a very famous blog site Zen Habits about rising early: http://zenhabits.net/2007/05/10-benefits-of-rising-early-and-how-to-do-it/. I bumped into this article at the right time when similar thoughts were stimulating the right part of my brain. So overall I think that rising early has many sweet advantages which are hard to ignore. This is the conclusion that I am drawing at 12:18 pm on a Sunday afternoon when I am wide awake with a hope that this conclusion and post will motivate me during those tough mornings when I want to sleep extra hours.

Do share the experience of reading this blog by leaving a comment to this post. It is the only way for me to improve.


-Jimy Shah

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  1. I know how great this experience is. But still I can’t manage to wake up early.

    On a normal day, I would set 2 alarms, on each side of bed for 7 AM. And I keep snoozing it for an hour. Then I will finally dismiss it at 8. I am still on bed, trying to get that last 5 min sleep. The next time I open my eyes to check the time, its already around 8.30. I realize I am again late for the work. I jump out to brush my teeth with a feeling like a lost war that I couldn’t wake up on time today also.

    But I am still optimistic, I still set my alarms for 7AM.

    Comment by Brijesh — 09/28/2009 @ 5:01 pm | Reply

  2. Very valid observation. I have been rising up around 6am almost everyday (alas, weekends too 😦 ) for the past 5 years and it occurs to me that sleeping early is the key factor. One other factor is having an early dinner. This means that I wake up with/because of hunger and am ready to break my fast 🙂

    Comment by Nirmal — 12/08/2009 @ 7:47 pm | Reply

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