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That feeling of “Aaha!”

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“Aaha” is the best feeling that I have ever experienced in my life. It reminds me of the old days slogan used by Iodex “Aah se Aaha tak”. I am writing this article after having felt both these feeling in last 2 hours. Straining my body in Gym gives the feeling of aah which tempts me to quit at that moment. But after experiencing that pain for a long time, when I lie down on my bed, I get that aaha feeling of relief. Those wonderful moments of relief makes me feel that all the pain was absolutely worth it.

This is not restricted to just gym, I often get similar feeling on completion of projects, on Friday afternoons, after cooking, during India trips and many more times. Would I have ever experienced this great feeling if I would have not waited for it? Probably not. This is like a special happiness hormone secreted by your body only if you had put in extra effort for something.

It makes me think harder on how I can alleviate this feeling of pain at the same time keeping those Aaha moments alive. Talking about physical activity which is absolutely necessary, I try to use the following techniques, which often distract my mind away from pain:

  1. Listen to high tempo music: This gives me that boost to keep going.
  2. Watch/Listen/Read: I download movies, news articles or books only to use them in the gym. I am anyways going to spend time doing these activities then why not do some light physical routines along with it? Treadmill is my best friend when it comes to reading/watching stuffs.
  3. Think about Food: Yes, I do this. I always think about what’s the first thing I am going to eat after returning home (or sometimes on my way). I am a big time food junkie, so thinking about food definitely makes me forget the pain.
  4. Engage in enjoyable physical activity: For me this is tennis. While playing tennis, I never think about the physical pain, empty stomach or the pending work, because I really enjoy it. This is truly a win-win scenario for me. I get to enjoy the play as well as get the physical exercise necessary. On top of that I get to socialize as well, wonderful!



I want to conclude with what my gym instructor used to say in order to motivate us:


“Feel the pain”


What a wonderful statement. I do feel the pain when I am playing tennis or working out in the gym, but I enjoy that pain in a way, by using different techniques. So, always embrace those aah moments because the aaha moments are waiting for you on the other side.


Do share the experience of reading this blog by leaving a comment to this post. It is the only way for me to improve.


-Jimy Shah

Live 2 Eat, don’t Eat 2 Live!    



  1. How can you start thinking of food while in the gym Jimy??? Shit man I haven’t played tennis since you guys left 😦 Now I will never be able to get into the Pro championship tournaments! hahaha

    but good blog… I should start one soon!

    Comment by Deep — 04/24/2010 @ 4:08 pm | Reply

    • Just the mere thought of Food keeps me going in Gym.. so I don’t mind it 😉
      I heard from some sources that Raamu is playing Tennis these days, may be you can join him 😛

      Comment by Jimy Shah — 04/24/2010 @ 4:11 pm | Reply

  2. I again remind you, you should change your writing skills.

    “Engage in enjoyable physical activity” may conclude different meaning to different people.

    Comment by Brijesh — 05/04/2010 @ 5:31 pm | Reply

    • Yup. I understand that it could be interpreted in different ways by individuals. There is absolutely nothing wrong in engaging in ANY enjoyable physical activities… I literally mean ANY. But thanks for pointing it out, I never wrote it with that intention though.

      Comment by Jimy Shah — 05/06/2010 @ 9:38 pm | Reply

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