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Old Indian ads which still bring smile to my face

Filed under: Nostalgic — Jimy Shah @ 3:31 pm

For a change, no party, no movie, no eating out and no India calling today. This Friday seems to be little boring. As always YouTube comes to my rescue and what do I accidentally find? The gems of yesterday: Commercials that many of us have grown up watching. I am sure we all have some association or memory related to each of the following advertisements.

Here is what came to my mind as I was watching them:

  • Doordarshan startup theme

I don’t think anyone can forget this startup theme. It sounds more familiar than windows startup.

  • Parle-G biscuits

“To dunk or not to dunk” is a new thing for Oreo cookies but it’s a tradition since decades in India. Parle-G is the one who started this tradition. I know many friends who still enjoy the moist Parle-G biscuit dunked in a hot cuppa tea.

  • Lijjat papad

Oh boy, I still cannot eat any other papad. It has to be Lijjat, no matter how old (expired) they are from the India store but still they taste far better than the other new ones.

  • Bajaj Scooter

There was a time when the term “Bajaj Scooter” was interchangeably used to refer to any two wheelers (assuming that if you have one it will be a Bajaj super). My uncle still owns a historic Bajaj super from 80s (not sure if they are still sold in India).

  • Cadbury

In general I don’t like coco candies, but this video makes me want one for myself.

  • Dhara oil

The cuttie “jaleebi..?” ad.

  • Fevicol

Marvelous imagination. Both the ads are simply superb.

  • Sundrop oil

May be this was the ad which sow the seed of food cravings in me. I still desire to make such huge food items someday J.

  • Rasna

Considering the heat in subcontinent this ad targeted the nerve of Indian people (including me). I would never say no to a chilled glass of Rasna (orange flavor please).

  • Nirma washing powder

Catchy tune and a funky sound to start with made this a super hit ad.

  • Bajaj bulbs and tubes

Again, nice jingle.

  • Luna

Chal meri luna…Ha ha ha…I cannot imagine that my uncle used to transport 3 adults and 2 kids on this vehicle. It was a delight to watch it move at blazing 5 kmph speed.

  • Vicks

Till date whenever I have sore throat, I think of having Vicks (however halls is another option now)

  1. Asian paints

    Wah! Suneelbabu, Badhiya hai….

  1. Fevi Kwik

    Leaves an impact and conveys the message in few seconds.

  • Surf


  • Amul doodh

I hate doodh in general but I like this ad.

  • Ericsson

Oldest ad which I could remember of a cell phone.

  • Nescafe

It really makes you feel that having a cup of Nescafe is going to “magically” change your day. For me that is done by Starbucks (Sorry Nescafe L)

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-Jimy Shah

Live 2 Eat, don’t Eat 2 Live!



  1. Awesome blog. The ad I really missed was Sundrops Refined Vegetable oil one. So many Sundays I tried to do that somersault in the kitchen only to get the Puris which HAD to be swollen fully.

    Did you notice that none of the ads are celebrity endorsements. Was that a conscious decision? Because I do not remember in those times o any celebrity endorsements. Nowadays if you go through even half of the ads you have listed, there has to be atleast one of Shahrukh, Sachin or Amitabh in there if not all.

    However, this is one of the firsts and one of my fav celebrity ads.

    Comment by Sandipan — 06/26/2010 @ 6:26 am | Reply

  2. Thanks so much for categorizing. I often view these and nice to have them in one place. My all time favorite is the Happy Dent ad – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7TSlg3Jljk and the one I was haunted by most was the Nirma ads, for obvious reasons. I hate celebrities in ads – especially those that say, oh I am doing this, why don’t you too. Naach fir.

    Comment by Nirmal — 06/26/2010 @ 9:11 am | Reply

  3. Wow..you have a nice collection of Ads.All these were just great in promoting the concept,building up a story that people would remember.The Ads we see now are more focused at selling product/service.

    Comment by Palak — 08/03/2010 @ 10:29 pm | Reply

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