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Old Indian ads which still bring smile to my face

Filed under: Nostalgic — Jimy Shah @ 3:31 pm

For a change, no party, no movie, no eating out and no India calling today. This Friday seems to be little boring. As always YouTube comes to my rescue and what do I accidentally find? The gems of yesterday: Commercials that many of us have grown up watching. I am sure we all have some association or memory related to each of the following advertisements.

Here is what came to my mind as I was watching them:

  • Doordarshan startup theme

I don’t think anyone can forget this startup theme. It sounds more familiar than windows startup.

  • Parle-G biscuits

“To dunk or not to dunk” is a new thing for Oreo cookies but it’s a tradition since decades in India. Parle-G is the one who started this tradition. I know many friends who still enjoy the moist Parle-G biscuit dunked in a hot cuppa tea.



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